Morning scenes from Kelly’s Keyboard

FullSizeRenderWelcome to this last Friday of July 2016! It’s good to be here!

I’ve welcomed this day in one of my favorite places, in one of my favorite ways; taking my coffee and my camera out to the porch.  Today, like most late July days, our temperatures will be somewhere in the hot broiler range, with matching humidity.  But for now, and most early mornings the air is soft and sweet.  The sun has reached through the eastern trees to light up the back yard, and huge oak leaves welcome its touch, dancing in the morning breeze, bending and reflecting the light across the landscape in such lovely patterns.   A few cardinals and at least one goldfinch are singing and chirping, seemingly holding a lively conversation with the crowing rooster up the road.

Sending you all hopes and prayers for a good and safe day.  Remember to stay hydrated if you’re out in this heat. And, if you get the chance, look up, there really are beautiful things to see today.

Please be safe out there, y’all.  Watch out for each other!


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