Local Yellow Peaches

Any sunny day in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a good day.  The drive is full of "Windshield Snapshot Moments."   When I'm not the one driving,  I'm grabbing for the camera to take pictures of Pilot Mountain, or the Blue Ridge line, or the open road and blue sky, or some trees. I like … Continue reading Local Yellow Peaches


The “Not Quite Full” Moon

  Technically, the August full moon won't appear in these parts for another couple of days on the 18th.  That's ok, weather permitting I'll be back outside admiring the night sky then as well.   Tonight, the not quite full moon played peek-a-boo for the longest time until finally clearing the southeastern tree line. A … Continue reading The “Not Quite Full” Moon

Tango and Butterfly ~ Between The Storms

Sometimes, the heat and humidity of summer makes it hard to breathe outdoors.  There's a heaviness in the air, and nothing stays dry more than a few minutes. Nothing. But sometimes, everywhere you look are deep greens of healthy leaves and grass providing a living canvas for vibrant pops of colors that show up to … Continue reading Tango and Butterfly ~ Between The Storms