So, there’s this spider on the sidewalk….

It's spider season in these parts.  They've take up residence in the trees, bushes, outside the windows, behind car door handles (shiver).  I'm completely terrified of spiders.  I've been known to throw hiking boots from across great distances to strategically win the ongoing battle between spiders and myself.  In fact, I could be the picture … Continue reading So, there’s this spider on the sidewalk….


Some weekends require cheesecake

"You haven't made your cheesecake in a while"  my husband said as I was searching recipes online.  He was right - I hadn't made it in a couple of years.  Right then, my 17-year-old son joined in "I don't really remember your cheesecake".    Well.  That was that.  Some weekends just require cheesecake. I come … Continue reading Some weekends require cheesecake

Above the waves ~

My life has a soundtrack, and the baseline is the crashing of Atlantic waves keeping time with my own heartbeat.  Now, I don't live at the beach....yet....but there's something deep inside me that needs time at the water's edge.  More than a recharge, the ocean is where I go to actually re-set.  In light of the … Continue reading Above the waves ~