Here's to crossing things off the bucket list to make room for more adventures! Here's to the ones we love, who remind us why we're still here, and add life to our years every single day.


My Kaleidoscope Heart

Honestly, I froze. Where was my heart, who had my focus and intention? Where was my heart?


A few miles south of this window, morning fog is resting on the ridge line. A different shade of gray, just slightly darker than the polished steel clouds that have draped themselves across these early hours. Behind me, the news plays from the television. Reports from the national scene at this hour. Negativity and the … Continue reading Enough

The color of the morning

...a few more leaves release their grip to leave the height of the branches for the rush of the wind. Gliding, swirling, rising, falling, beautifully in air currents invisible, but for what they carry, and today, they carry the copper leaves of November.