Tonight found me enjoying the sounds of summer and gazing into the southern sky smiling.  I’ve seen photos of my son on his pilgrimage to World Youth Day online today from over 4 thousand miles away.  Reassurance that even if he’s not able to communicate with us regularly, he seems to be healthy, safe, and enjoying himself.  Answers to continued prayers right there.

It’s not quiet out in the country on summer nights.  Crickets, frogs, resident dogs, a few owls and if I’m lucky a whippoorwill  or two join in the night chorus.  It’s really quite  a refreshing, nearly hypnotic nocturnal symphony. It’s not quiet at night, but it does get pretty dark away from the streetlights, and in the darkness some nights, the stars demand recognition.   Tonight is one of those nights, oh those stars!  If you have a chance, and the sky is clear enough where you happen to be, do yourself a favor;  slip outside, turn your eyes upwards, and drink in this beautiful night.

Note to self:  I need a telescope.









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