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Busted Halo 30 Day Challenge.

Earlier this week I came upon an Instragram post that caught my attention:

Now, I don’t always listen to the show, and I don’t always follow the posts, but for some reason this has stayed with me.  The fact that it still has my attention 4 days after I saw it is impressive.   It’s nagging me. Who starts a 30 day challenge close to the end of a month?   The answer is obvious:  People who want to start something NOW.  Why is it nagging me?  Because I really need to make some changes.

Sometimes we see things just at the right time – I think that’s what’s going on here with me and this challenge.

The guidelines are wide open, just join in the challenge to make a positive change or move closer to a goal over the next 30 days.  My personal issues:  lose weight, Yep, I need to do that; pray more, absolutely need to do that; spend more meaningful time with your family, Yep – that too!  I need to focus on all of that and so much more, but therein is the issue.  Focusing on too many things at once leaves me in a state of spinning.  Sure, I’m moving, but actually accomplishing stuff – not so much.

So here it is.  This record of acceptance that I need to dig in, get some traction and start moving instead of continually being exhausted from perpetual motion, but not gaining any ground, so to speak.

Join me in joining the Busted Halo 30 day challenge if you wish – whatever your focus may be.  For me, I’m going to choose two areas to improve.  First, for my health I am going to attempt to walk more each day. Hmmm, wonder how much I should be walking anyway…where’s that Fitbit?   That may not always be comfortable here in the dog days of summer, but it will be cooler in the mornings and late at night, and I know that is the first step in other improvements for my health.  Secondly, and this will be a bit more difficult for me, I will attempt to be more active here on Kelly’s Keyboard – write a little more, post more pictures, follow some other interesting bloggers.

I’m thinking it’s ok that we didn’t start on July 19th, 30 days will pass regardless of when we start and day one is just that ~  Hello day one!





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