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The “Not Quite Full” Moon


Technically, the August full moon won’t appear in these parts for another couple of days on the 18th.  That’s ok, weather permitting I’ll be back outside admiring the night sky then as well.   Tonight, the not quite full moon played peek-a-boo for the longest time until finally clearing the southeastern tree line.

A few wispy clouds drifted by for a quick moon-dance, bathing themselves in the glow before drifting away on the night breeze.   Sentry Oaks and Pines stood silhouetted against the deepest indigo, keeping watch  as the moon beams stretched through branches heavy laden with late summer leaves, blanketing the landscape in deep night-light and shadow patterns.  Even if one is alone when gazing upon the moon, one can be assured somewhere, someone else has eyes turned upwards to seek the beauty and peace in the night sky; and somehow I find comfort knowing others are looking up as well.

Peaceful journeys through the night, my friends.

Sleep Well & Sweet Dreams.

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