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The Friday Sky

I just love how the backdrop of an ever-changing sky can make everyday moments and scenes just a little more beautiful, just a little more spectacular.  For example, I’ve walked down Franklin Street countless times in my life and seen this steeple more times than I can remember.  But this evening, with a band of clouds drifting through an otherwise brilliant blue sky, the view was breathtaking.


A little further down the sidewalk, a little after most of the clouds drifted out of sight, I looked back through the hanging branches to notice the moon low in the sky.  I probably took ten pictures of the scene.  It must be so frustrating walking with me, stopping every few minutes to take a picture.  IMG_9823

There’s a saying a friend and I have:  “Can it get any better?”  Usually it does, and tonight was no different.  Driving out of Orange County, the most beautiful rays of light streaked across the sky as the sun sank low behind the trees.  So striking I had to stop and take a picture from the side of the road.



Final picture of the night from the side window on the drive.  There are a number of farms in the area, but this one provides one of the best sunset views consistently.


And just like that the sun has set on another Friday.     Tonight, if we’re lucky we’ll be able to see a few more meteors streaking across the southern sky and watch a different light illuminate the midnight landscape.     Here’s to the beautiful beginning of the weekend ~ be safe out there y’all.


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