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Some weekends require cheesecake

“You haven’t made your cheesecake in a while”  my husband said as I was searching recipes online.  He was right – I hadn’t made it in a couple of years.  Right then, my 17-year-old son joined in “I don’t really remember your cheesecake”.    Well.  That was that.  Some weekends just require cheesecake.

I come from a long line of bakers, and from a young age I remember my mother’s, aunts, and grandmother’s kitchens as places of love and tradition served up with whatever happened to be cooking on the stove or in the oven, but really – the food has always been secondary to being together in the kitchen.

Did you know, you can tell when a cake is nearly done by the aroma drifting through the kitchen?  I absolutely love the way my house smells when a cake is baking.  Everything seems sweeter and warmer – not just the kitchen.  Take advantage of it, put on a little music and softly waltz around the house.

You know, cheesecakes don’t need ganache.  They’re perfectly fine and delicious without that creamy, silky, buttery soft chocolate…..   I’m just kidding – Of Course Cheesecakes need ganache!     ~ Just do it ~

As I poured the chocolate over the cake my son said “Oh! NOW I remember this cake!”  His first bite prompted “this is so good I can’t even talk anymore”  which is a huge compliment from my very verbal son.    I call it a success.

So the evening ended, this last Saturday of Summer 2016, with a folder of recipes and old cookbooks with vanilla and coffee stained pages opened on the counter.  Treasured notes from bygone eras and people who no longer walk this earth, but took the time to teach me simple recipes, though not always fast, is usually really, really good.

Cheesecake & Coffee on the porch

And so we took our cheesecake to the back porch and had dessert with coffee surrounded by the oaks and so many memories, and it was so good.  Yep, I remember this cake…


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