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So, there’s this spider on the sidewalk….

It’s spider season in these parts.  They’ve take up residence in the trees, bushes, outside the windows, behind car door handles (shiver).  I’m completely terrified of spiders.  I’ve been known to throw hiking boots from across great distances to strategically win the ongoing battle between spiders and myself.  In fact, I could be the picture in the dictionary beside arachnophobic….or so I thought.

Tonight I have a newfound admiration for the ambition of spiders, or at least for one spider.   This one has strategically woven a huge web at the curve of my front sidewalk.


Tucked out-of-the-way, reaching from the edge of the porch roof to the steps and sidewalk, the web catches not only bugs but the glow of the porch light or the camera flash.  I’m not quite sure what type of spider it is, but it is very talented in spinning, and seems quite impressed with him/herself.

My intention was not to take pictures of, or even be near a spider.  My intention was to catch a glimpseimg_6346 of the sunset sky.  It was a cloudy evening and it’s been raining off and on most of the day.  But the clouds lightened just a bit at sunset and the sky took on the most beautiful glow.  Shades of gray gave way to purples, pinks and deep orange made a magnificent backdrop for the still mostly green oak leaves as the sun sank deep beyond the trees.

But that spider, and that web… the darker the sky grew behind it, the more it stood out in the glow of the house lights.  Someone told me once that spiders can rebuild webs in 5 minutes, and watching this spider make rapid repairs after a fresh catch, I’d have to say I believe it.

I’m not going to say anything profound here.  I have not conquered my fear of spiders, I was using a very long lens for these pictures and jumped every time the spider moved.

But that web, and that spider…so strategically placed so nobody walking own the sidewalk has to encounter the web – It’s just fascinating to me.   In a very terrifying, “Oh no, I hope the spiders aren’t trying to take over” kind of way.


~ Maybe the mosquitoes will keep it well fed and entertained long enough for it to be part of our Halloween decorations!    We shall see.  I’ll keep watching, from far away.



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