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Shade trees, green pastures, and a blue eyed baby horse named Surprise.

My cousin, who’s really more like a sister, called me this afternoon with an invitation to go see an almost 3 week old baby horse.  I think I actually said “Awwwwwww” on the phone.   A short few minutes later we were through the gate and being greeted by Miss Tia, the Mastiff, who accepted our head scratches as a sign we meant no ill-will towards “her” horses.


That’s really how we do a lot of things in this family, last minute not really planned.  I don’t think the animals minded that we hadn’t made an appointment with them.

I view horses as beautiful, graceful, powerful creatures, I have a great deal of respect and a little dose of fear when I’m near the large ones.  Those are the ones I admire from a safe distance.

Nuzzle Time
Nuzzle Time

But the small ones, the baby colts are different.  They’re so sweet, a little goofy, just looking for some nuzzles, scratches, play time and food.


Venturing out across part of the pasture, Surprise looked up to see she was pretty far away from her mama and started running back.  If you’ve never seen a baby horse kick up its hoofs and run, please do yourself a favor and find some way to witness that.  It’s like witnessing laughter in motion.

Blue Eyed Surprise
The baby colt’s name is Surprise. Look at those blue eyes!

Her eyes matched the sky behind the storm clouds rolling in.  Just gorgeous.

Peek a Boo
Well, Hello There!

Close to her mama, she seems content to spend the afternoon enjoying the shade and looking at her human and her dog, which is nearly as big as she.

Mom Raven & Baby Surprise
Grazing under the shade trees

What’s the best camera?  The one you have with you.   These photos were taken with my Iphone 6 camera.  Perhaps one day soon I’ll take a different camera back and get a few clearer shots, but then that wouldn’t be spontaneous at all.  Those last-minute out of the blue calls seem to find me in the most amazing places with some of the most wonderful people I know.     Enjoy summer everyone, every single unplanned moment of it!


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