Family mentors Officer Appreciation Day Reflection

Dear Officers

Reflecting in gratitude on officer appreciation day.

Dear officers:

For staying with my son after his wreck and being a comfort to him, and me, when he was giving his statements for the accident report….Thank you;

For the time you scoured my front yard on Northcrest Drive because the two men who robbed the store had led you on a chase straight to the dead end road in front of my house, and you knew one of them had thrown a gun under the bushes, and you knew there were young children in the neighborhood you didn’t want to find it….Thank you;

For pulling me over when I was driving far too fast on these curvy backroads, even though I did not appreciate it then….Thank you;

For showing up and staying with me until the ambulance arrived the time I called 911 in the pre-dawn December hours the worst and most sorrowful day of my life in 2005…And for checking in on me later in the hospital…Thank you;

For making sure I was sitting down and reassuring me everything was ok when you had to call me at work to let me know my husband had been in a wreck…..Thank you;

For the time the neighbors decided to “meet in the middle of the road” and escalate their arguments into violence, so you showed up when I called out of concern for one of their lives, alone at first, eventually calling for backup to diffuse the situation before anyone was beaten or shot as the threats flew….Thank you;

For checking out the situation for me when Jennifer came home in the middle of the night, but I couldn’t see who was parked in the driveway and she hadn’t let me know she’d be there…..Thank you;

For crying with me as you were taking pictures of the bruises and cuts on someone who should have never been mistreated, and for taking the time to help us convince her of that fact…..Thank you;

For standing guard – inside the jail, or right outside of an apartment door – to make a visible point that you have placed yourself squarely on that line between safety and danger…..Thank you;

Be safe out there.

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