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Hello Keyboard, I’ve missed you.

Growth is good, but sometimes it requires so much focus that other things get a little neglected.
A cup of coffee, a camera, and a keyboard. This looks like the beginning of something beautiful…..

I’ve been away for a while, and I’ve missed writing on Kelly’s Keyboard. Changes have been taking place around here. Growth is good, but sometimes it requires so much focus that other things get a little neglected.

That’s ok for a little while, but it has been long enough. I’m back.

It still the beginning of my “Golden” decade. So I thought it is the perfect time to evaluate where I am, and were I may want to go. That’s exactly what’s been happening.

As much as I enjoy Junior High Youth Ministry, and I really, really, really enjoy it, the reality is that I may not be able to continue this incredibly beautiful and grace filled venture as a career for the long term. So, this summer I sat myself down inside a classroom to make sure I could still learn some new skills.

Spoiler alert – you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Over the course of a few months, a very skilled and patient instructor helped me and a few others become familiar with and learn the ins and outs of medical office and billing practices, and I absolutely loved it. It reminded me of bygone days when I worked as a legal assistant handling settlement statements, trust accounts and ledger sheets.

The class has ended, and the applications and interviews have begun. Let me tell you, interviewing for an entry level position at 50 is not something my 30 year old self would have imagined, and I’m ok with that. My 30 year old self would have never imagined who I am now, and how I got here, but I know that younger version of me is very proud of the woman I am today. My plan is to make the best choices I can now so my 70 year old self looks back with pride at this new chapter I’m beginning.

And don’t worry, my dear keyboard, I don’t plan on neglecting you this long ever again.

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