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Thursday morning.

Just beyond the screen early sunlight pours through oak branches, still full and heavy with leaves. Drops of water from overnight storms linger throughout the canopy, twinkling in the morning light with more brilliance than a million diamonds.

Deep emerald is still the main shade, but this morning a lighter hue, peridot perhaps, joins the scene, blended colors of gems, but so much brighter.

Here on the back porch a strong cup of fresh coffee welcomes me to this beautiful day, steam rises into the breeze as if to catch a glimpse as well of the beauty, just beyond the screen.

“..Let this day add some knowledge, or good deed, to yesterday. Oh, let me hear Thy loving kindness in the morning, for in Thee is my trust…” (L. Andrewes 1555-1626)

Hello, Thursday. It’s good to be here.

Be safe out there, remember to look out for one another.


Good Morning!

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