Tango and Butterfly ~ Between The Storms

Sometimes, the heat and humidity of summer makes it hard to breathe outdoors.  There’s a heaviness in the air, and nothing stays dry more than a few minutes. Nothing.

But sometimes, everywhere you look are deep greens of healthy leaves and grass providing a living canvas for vibrant pops of colors that show up to drink in the moisture from the air.  And when that happens, it doesn’t matter how hot it is, or how humid it is, for me, the views are worth the sweat ~

So, this afternoon between hot sprinkles and thunderstorms I grabbed my camera to take a few pictures.  Tango Rose is beautiful on it’s own, but against a stormy sky to the east and sun rays from the west, it’s absolutely stunning.

I couldn’t help but notice the butterfly lingering in the garden.  With tattered and ragged wings he’s probably had quite an adventurous few weeks, but seems quite at home and fits right in with the fading wildflowers.   I like snapshots like these.  Simple reminders that even in turmoil, there is lovely tranquility.    Peace.

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