Hello, Saturday!

Strong coffee, wild wildflowers, and a view of the sunrise playing a morning game of peekaboo through the wispy clouds and mist. Welcome to the first Saturday of June 2018, my friends. It’s good to be here! #saturdaymorning #coffee #snowcampscenes #kellyskeyboard


An Irish Anniversary Cake

It's been a while since I actually broke out my cake decorating kit. Sure, we've had a series of birthdays, parties, mother's days, and all kinds of reasons to bake, but I kept putting it off until now. Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. This milestone year seemed like the perfect time to play around … Continue reading An Irish Anniversary Cake

Tango and Butterfly ~ Between The Storms

Sometimes, the heat and humidity of summer makes it hard to breathe outdoors.  There's a heaviness in the air, and nothing stays dry more than a few minutes. Nothing. But sometimes, everywhere you look are deep greens of healthy leaves and grass providing a living canvas for vibrant pops of colors that show up to … Continue reading Tango and Butterfly ~ Between The Storms