Looking up

Today, the sky did not merely fade to the darkness of night. Not today.


Clouds at sunrise

Sadness is only part of the journey. There is immense beauty, joy and love in this world, and if we can't find it when we look around, perhaps it's time for us to make it happen.

Snow Camp Sunset

The sunset is enough. The sunset is always enough. But this evening, accompanying this beautiful and peaceful scene is the distinct and wonderful aroma of freshly cut hay. It is a windows open, glass in hand, front row seat to the tree frog and crickets symphony, kind of evening. And I am so grateful for … Continue reading Snow Camp Sunset

Hello, Saturday!

Strong coffee, wild wildflowers, and a view of the sunrise playing a morning game of peekaboo through the wispy clouds and mist. Welcome to the first Saturday of June 2018, my friends. It’s good to be here! #saturdaymorning #coffee #snowcampscenes #kellyskeyboard


Recently, I happened to be in the right place at the right time to receive an amazing invitation to Kiawah Island, South Carolina with some wonderful women for a few days.    It's good to travel to nice places, but it's more important to travel with good people.  This unexpected trip was both, and so … Continue reading ~Kiawah~

Thunderstorm Air 

You can see it in the approaching clouds, an angry sky ushering in the thunderstorm air, energetic, powerful, destructive and cleansing all at once.  It's terrifyingly beautiful. This was the scene earlier this afternoon a little ways up the road.  That's the storm rolling in over the Cane Creek Mountains.   Yes, I stopped in … Continue reading Thunderstorm Air 

Waiting for Autumn~

Most of the trees here in this little part of the world are still heavy with green leaves, but, in small patches, there is a glimpse of what is to come. The deepest green just a few short weeks ago, the Oaks are now starting to show a lighter shade, some a little yellow, some tinged … Continue reading Waiting for Autumn~

Above the waves ~

My life has a soundtrack, and the baseline is the crashing of Atlantic waves keeping time with my own heartbeat.  Now, I don't live at the beach....yet....but there's something deep inside me that needs time at the water's edge.  More than a recharge, the ocean is where I go to actually re-set.  In light of the … Continue reading Above the waves ~