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Scene from a Sunday stroll

The wind is still gusting here, and the rain has returned.

To be honest, I’m loving it. I have the greatest respect for the power of nature and I know any of the trees could turn loose of this saturated ground at any moment. Risks understood, I slipped out back a few minutes ago for a walk with Faolan. She’s the quiet doggie.

With the only sound being the steady rustle of leaves in the constant breeze, we got close enough to surprise two of the resident deer. To be fair, I didn’t see them until we were close to the trees. They turned, flicked their tails up and bounced out of sight, camouflaged beautifully once they were just a bit deeper in the woods.

We stood there a few minutes, Faolan not even offering to bark, just appreciating the little out of the ordinary moments in the middle of a slow moving storm, and I’m loving it.

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