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Note to self:
Breathe. The amount of energy you are investing in worrying about what may or may not happen over the next hours, days, weeks, or month is much better directed towards moments of prayer and planning.
Breathe. The amount of energy you are investing in worrying about who may or may not agree with you, who may or may not like you, is much better directed towards remembering who you are. Your path is not theirs, nor is their path yours.
Raise your eyes from the calendar and the screen. Look up, look high into the emerald canopy and see the leaves are waving greetings in the gentle summer breeze.
Look around at the beauty contained in just this small little patch of earth.
Remember this earth is a beautiful place, home to beautiful souls.
Remember you can acknowledge there are distractions without being drawn away from your goals. Refocus.
Remember you are a child of God, and you are well-loved.
Remember you are not alone.
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This morning I took my coffee to the front porch to enjoy the soft morning breeze before the humidity kicks in. The wildflowers are all but spent, easily mistaken for tall, gangly weeds at this point, but the birds love this little patch of tall seeds, and because of them, so do I.

Soon enough obligations and responsibilities will have my focus, but not yet. First, let me sit with my strong coffee and listen to the songs of the birds and frogs, grateful for this new day. Let me be happy in the company of a sweet finch enjoying her breakfast just off the porch. It is a good morning.

May we all have opportunities to spend peaceful moments in lovely places with comfortable company.

Hello, Tuesday. It’s good to be here.

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An ancient book of prayers, a not so old mandolin, and a hot cup of fresh coffee. It was among these things that I greeted this Tuesday morning. I could play the strings, but to do so would interrupt the morning chorus from the resident birds.

Perhaps another day I would attempt to play along, but not today. Today is the 93rd anniversary of my father’s birth, and I’m almost certain, if he was still here, he would set the mandolin down as well and opt for the back porch seat to the natural morning music

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If I could share one scene from my day today with you all, it would be from the morning drive. Just off Snow Camp Road is a field full of green young leaves.

Maybe soybeans, maybe sorghum, beautiful and lush regardless. It’s not my usual route anymore, so I try to go a bit slower and take in the scenery a bit more.

It was movement that caught my attention today. A lovely doe and her fawn were making their way across the field, basically playing as they bounced through the plants. There were no cars around so I stopped to watch a few seconds.

They weren’t rushing. They paid me no mind. They seemed to be simply enjoying the fresh, relatively cool morning air together.

Note to self: Play more in the summer morning air. Well done, Monday. Well done.

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Evening rays of the setting sun are reaching through the western trees, falling between the leaves, painting brilliant patterns with lingering caresses of light.

Perhaps the sun will miss playing in the deep green of day, and the trees are wishing the sunlight would stay.

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‘Tis a lovely day here in this little corner of North Carolina. If today was a color, it would be green!

Temperatures crossed into the 90 degrees Fahrenheit realm this afternoon, so mowing the yard went quickly and early this morning. Most of the day has been reserved for sipping iced drinks in the swing watching oak trees wave their branches in the gentle, but welcomed breezes. This weekend is graduation weekend for some amazing young people I have the privilege of knowing. I wish them all the best in their next chapters in life, and pray for their health, safety, joy and wisdom often, but especially on days as lovely as today. While I’m thinking about it, let me just add one more wish: may we all, including these new graduates, always find time for beautiful moments under the shade of an old tree.

I spent a good part of the day snapping photos of the hot afternoon scenes. Green is everywhere here, but it is a color willing to share the stage. In fact, it’s sometimes even more gorgeous supporting the pops of pink, purple, yellow, pink and white that grab onto it in the forms of blooming flowers and vines.

If today was a color, it would be green! Enjoy.

Sage Honeysuckle in the treesAzaleas in bloom

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Some days I don’t drive this part of this old road, but seeing glimpses like this makes me remember what a beautiful place this is. You can’t see the creek in this picture, but it is there, meandering through the landscape from pasture to pasture and field to field.

There are higher hills a few hours to the west, and larger bodies of water nearby as well. The colors change with the rhythms of the season, but for me these hills are timeless, always just beyond the tree-line from my back porch. Quiet, almost hidden, these Cane Creek Mountains are the very picture of perfect spring green on this April afternoon.

~ Enjoy the everyday beauty~

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