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Little Reminders

Yes, I know it’s harsh out there. Compounded issues and heartbreaking news from nearly everywhere. I know.

But, there are good things happening too. We just need to be reminded now and then to refocus. That does not mean we turn our attention from the work that needs to be done, it does not mean we pretend everything is fine all the time. It simply means, for. me at least, to take time to appreciate the beauty of this world and spend a few moments in gratitude, prayer and reflection.

“…God’s Grace works in mysterious ways to wake us up, from time to time, to things we are ignoring, hiding from, afraid of, within our lives…” Fr. Paul Lininger, OFM. Blessed Sacrament. Those words came early in the homily this past Sunday. Spoken by a pastor in a church just a few weeks into being able to meet in person again. The Church is not immune to the happenings of the world, after all, we are the Church.

It is a year of chaos to be sure, with a global pandemic, economic and civil unrest, and an election on the horizon. There’s a lot of information released onto us every day. Remember to turn the noise down, or off, sometimes and step away. Counter those almost constant reminders of negativity and hardship with realities of life. Step outside in the early hours to feel the morning warmth.

Please, do not become so occupied in global issues, that you forget to seek moments of personal peace and grace. Please, do not become so desensitized that the beautiful moments loose meaning. Please, do not become so cynical that you lose compassion and dignity.

Center. Pray. Research. Reflect. Remember. Every human is worthy and capable of granting respect, not only to ourselves, but those we encounter. But it is a personal choice and responsibility. Yes, I understand there is anger and violence in the world. I understand some people are driven by the desire to overpower others. I know.

I also know we humans have the capacity to overcome incredible hardships.

I confess my concern without fear. Do Not Be Afraid. Look beyond the fear.

Our hearts, families, friends, neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, states, nations, and world needs me and all of us to look beyond the fear.

Whatever you are facing today, wherever you may be, I wish you moments of peace, beauty, and much love.

Be safe out there.


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