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Rainbow in the cedar tree

My friends, when the sunlight hits those little droplets of water, it's like the tree is wearing the rainbow.

I wish I could share a photograph with you of what I’m seeing right now. I’ve snapped a few, but nothing I captured is remotely close to the beauty I’m watching beyond the window.

The latest of the storms of the week is now over. Steam is rising from the blacktop road, swirling with the occasional passing car. The air itself is aglow in gold and green.

Closer to the house, right outside the window the sentry cedar stands with branches and needles heavy laden, soaked from the rain. My friends, when the sunlight hits those little droplets of water, it’s like the tree is wearing the rainbow. Beautiful red-orange, teal, golden, and white. Maybe it’s the bark reflected in the light, or the new cedar berries, or the nearby honeysuckle, or even the sky, maybe it’s all of it together. The way that tree is glistening right now, in the post-storm humidity and late spring sun is enough to make any Christmas tree envious.

I’ve actually gone outside a few times to look for the rainbow in the sky I’m certain is nearby as the light changes. I haven’t spotted it yet today, and that’s ok. Today it seems the rainbow has decided to dance among these old cedar branches swaying in the soft breeze.

I’ve always said the best camera is the one you have in your hand, but sometimes, even that won’t capture the beauty we are given to behold.

No, no photograph I’ve snapped comes close to the real scene today.

Enjoy the little moments, my friends. Remember to look up & please be safe out there this Memorial Weekend.


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