Flocking to the Autumn Leaves Festival

Like the geese, I was leaving too. I won't need to go as far south as these birds. Most of my "flock" is relatively close, physically or in my heart. And for that fact and those people, I am so grateful.


Hello, August.

Just beyond the screen, these old oak trees are swaying softly in the humid morning breeze. Overall, it is cloudy here, but for maybe two seconds, the sun peeked through the soft gray sky blanket to reach the back porch. Perhaps just a little wave or wink to say: Good Morning, I see you, I'm … Continue reading Hello, August.

Saturday Morning Thoughts

Memorial Day Weekend is underway. It's a time for reflection. There is no shortage of ceremonies and activities to honor the fallen men and women who entered into every military branch knowing they may not make it home alive. There's no shortage of families forever changed by those sacrifices made. My plans are pretty simple … Continue reading Saturday Morning Thoughts

An Irish Anniversary Cake

It's been a while since I actually broke out my cake decorating kit. Sure, we've had a series of birthdays, parties, mother's days, and all kinds of reasons to bake, but I kept putting it off until now. Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. This milestone year seemed like the perfect time to play around … Continue reading An Irish Anniversary Cake

Roadside view of Cane Creek Mountains

Some days I don't drive this part of this old road, but seeing glimpses like this makes me remember what a beautiful place this is. You can't see the creek in this picture, but it is there, meandering through the landscape from pasture to pasture and field to field. There are higher hills a few … Continue reading Roadside view of Cane Creek Mountains