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Saturday Morning

Ebony Kitty “Good Morning”

Just beyond the screen the air is fulled with with morning songs as the resident birds greet all that care to listen. The sun is playing peek-a-boo through the emerald canopy, sometimes shining through droplets of rain from the earlier hours, lighting up the leaves with more brilliance than a million diamonds, sometimes making rainbow prisms against whatever falls in its path.

Here on the back porch, Ebony kitty seems a little confused that I did not bring her a cup of coffee as well.

Yes, I know there’s a chair. It’s not the same.

Still, she joined me among the angel wing begonias for the reading of the ancient prayer on this new day before moving to her vantage point to survey the wonder of the wild things, just beyond the screen.

Coffee, sunshine, and a prayer from 1928 that feels like it was written this morning.

Hello Saturday. It’s good to be here. Wherever you may be, whatever you may face today, I wish you moments of peace and grace. Stay safe out there & look out for each other . 🙏♥️

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