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Morning Coffee & Spring Rain

Daybreak held brilliant rays of light streaming through the windows, nearly clear skies with just a few painted clouds.
Less than 3 hours later the first rainstorm of spring has arrived.

Resident doves and cardinals have retreated to their nests in the cedar and holly trees respectively. There’s a cute red-tailed squirrel sheltering in some dried leaves under the back steps. For now, all is quiet except the steady rhythm of the rain ~ a strong and steady “shhhhhh”.

For now, there is time to “be still and know..” before whatever else the day may hold. Time to appreciate the mingling aromas of fresh coffee and spring rain on the breeze.
Time to remind myself to remember to seek out more moments like these.

Welcome to the weekend, my friends. We made it.

Wherever you may be, whatever you may be facing this day, I wish you good health, peace, joy, and much love.❤️

Coffee & Rain

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