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Moonrise through the window.

The Harvest moon is playing peekaboo through these old trees. By the time it’s fully visible here, I plan to be sitting in one of my favorite spots, with cup of hot tea on the windowsill watching the light drift through the upper planes and shine on these old hardwoods.

Another night perhaps I would venture out and soak in the night air; drift along to the crickets’ song and enjoy the owls’ conversations across the not so dark landscape.

Tonight it is enough to enjoy the view from inside as the trees seem to hold onto the moon just a little longer.…Or perhaps the changing leaves are so beautiful in the glow that the moon wishes to linger just a little longer to appreciate the late summer branches.…Or perhaps both. ‘Tis lovely, and worthy of all lore and legend inspired.

Wherever you may be, whatever you may be facing, I wish you moments of peace, joy, contentment and love.❤️

Sleep Well & Sweet Dreams.

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