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Hot tea and a spot by the heater.

It’s chilly and raining here this Saturday afternoon. I don’t really mind, it’s perfect weather for hot tea and a spot close to the heater, which is exactly where I am for at least a little while longer.

~Saturday mid-day plans~

Soon enough, I’ll venture out and get on with other activities, but not yet.

For now, I’ll remind myself to stay here in the present, without worry or concern for what lies ahead this evening, tomorrow, or next week.

For this moment, I’ll sip my ginger tea and smile warmly at today’s prayer in that old book of ancient prayers.

~ Warmth and Comfort ~

It doesn’t surprise me any more, but it still always amazes me how those old words seem to address exactly whatever I may have going on – or need to have going on- in my present day life.

Comfort and warmth, right on time. Hello weekend, it’s good to be here.

May we all find a little comfort and warmth, wherever we go.  Stay safe out there, and look after one another.


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