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Outside a steady breeze is blowing clouds around. Morning sunlight, finding breaks in the blanketing, pours through the upper canopy to bathe the eastern side of the tall trees and the ground below in a beautiful glow. Those are the moments the very air seems brilliant. Morning light is different. Mornings are different.

Mornings are made for hope, but sometimes it’s more difficult than others to believe and keep the hope of a new day. These past several weeks have been some of those times. The coming weeks may be challenging as well, but difficult is not impossible.

Hello, Saturday. It’s good to be here.

Today is my first post since January 1, 2020. We all know it’s been a strange few months. My hope is simple during these times, I hope my friends and family stay safe and healthy.

I’m aware not everyone is able to stay home. Some of the people I love the most are out daily, immersing themselves in keeping this society up and running. It’s what they do. I’m aware staying home isn’t a safe choice for everyone. I’m aware not everyone has the option to go buy or order even the simple basic necessities of life. and my heart aches for countless people I don’t even know. I’m aware these situations existed long before the attention and amplification provided by this current pandemic.

Celebrations have changed. Milestones and birthdays are celebrated differently, but hopefully still celebrated! Babies are still being born, the laughter of children is hopefully filling the air, regardless of the age of those children. Home cooked meals are hopefully on the increase, and along with those, maybe even some conversations, laughter and dances in the kitchen while the oven pre-heats. Prayer, contemplation, and meditation are helping us remember the power of silent conversations. Church services, Mass, and classes are now online, and we interact with friends and loved ones through chats and video conferencing. But hopefully, we interact still. Hope, there it is.

We’ll get through this, and when we do I hope I never take another hug for-granted It may be difficult now, but difficult is not impossible.

And so I’m reminding us all, including myself, this too shall pass. Welcome to the weekend, my friends. Remember to breathe, remember to take care of yourselves out there.

Hello Saturday, It’s good to be here.

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