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In between.

It’s just past noon in this little corner of the world. Just beyond the screen mid-day rain is dancing with the slight, cool breeze. It’s a in-between hour, in an in-between part of the year. Change is in the air.

Glorious, brilliant, magnificent. All true descriptions of the colors of the maples, elms, oaks, all these old trees. It’s true when the sunlight shines so brightly, and it’s true on days like today, when the raindrops fall softly, leaf to leaf, rolling down the bark on the branches, eventually making its way to join the beautiful carpet of leaves already fallen.

It’s a show that goes well with a strong cup of coffee and a good conversation. Like these trees I enjoy watching so much, we humans have our seasons as well. These times of change can be brief or lingering, and can leave us feeling exposed to the elements at times. Hopefully, if we have strong roots and good support, we’ll make it through and perhaps even enjoy ourselves along this journey.

Copper coffee cup and oak leaves

Lessons from the trees and a Saturday afternoon prayer.


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