Looking up

Today, the sky did not merely fade to the darkness of night. Not today.


January Sky

There are few things as beautiful as a winter sky here in Snow Camp. One of those is a winter sky when it's actually warm enough to enjoy it from any point in the yard.

Out of Obesity, Chapter 3

We are snowed in here in this little corner of the world. This part of North Carolina is closed due to winter. I can't get out of my driveway because of the snow, and I love it.  I have friends and loved ones who must travel regardless of, and even because of the weather, so … Continue reading Out of Obesity, Chapter 3

Out of Obesity

It has been an amazing few weeks in my corner of this world.  In the coming days Kelly's Keyboard will be filled with stories of gratitude, some wonderful adventures in junior high youth ministry, family gatherings, and beautiful travels. But today, there is something else on my mind.  Today I'm realizing how short I actually … Continue reading Out of Obesity

January Moon

Look up.   It is in the darkness of night that the moon and stars become brilliant.  The soft blues and stunning oranges and reds of sunrise and sunsets often make us stop in our tracks, take slower breaths, and marvel at the glory and beauty above us.   But what about the darkness?  Ah … Continue reading January Moon

~ Snow Day ~

It is a beautiful scene here as the snowflakes falling from the deep gray sky dance along the freezing winds, floating and spinning through winter branches before landing softly on an already blanketed landscape.  If winter prayers could be drawn or photographed, I believe they would be images of days like today.   Perhaps where … Continue reading ~ Snow Day ~